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Choose your ideal bed base to complement your TEMPUR® mattress.

TEMPUR® Flex 2000 2 Motor

The combination of TEMPUR Mattresses and TEMPUR Bed Bases distribute the weight evenly across the entire surface of the bed. This means that the spine, muscles and ligaments are correctly aligned and the blood circulation is improved, resulting in a refreshing and relaxing night’s sleep

Product Description

  • The two motors deliver continuous variable adjustment for the back and legs.

Available in:

  • 90x200 Cm Rs. 63,500 Incl. VAT(excludes Legs and Holders)
  • 100x200 Cm Rs. 67,350 Incl. VAT(excludes Legs and Holders)


This is made possible because the base consists of a large number of flexible elements which are not rigidly linked to one another. The individual elements, together with the base plate which has been specially developed to distribute the pressure from the TEMPUR Mattress, absorb the constant pressure in the same way as a joint, both lengthways and crossways. Because the base consists of flexible individual elements, this is described as a “differential surface”.

The regular gaps between the elements guarantee that the TEMPUR Bed has the best possible ventilation. To provide additional fine adjustment of the flexible elements, optional lumbar inserts can be used to support the lumbar vertebrae. Optional legs and mattress holders can easily be fitted at a later date to transform the bed base.

Product Details

  • Two motors for continuous variable adjustment
  • System frame, frame height 10.5 cm
  • Optional Choice of Legs available. Height 19 to 25 cm
  • Mains cut-off, emergency lowering feature
  • Reset function
  • Extra strong and durable construction.
  • The newly developed “airlift” system along with the honeycomb structure ensures optimum ventilation between the bed base and the mattress.
  • The flexible elements smoothly yield to every movement of the body, for improved comfort.
  • Powered by two strong motors for variable adjustment of the back and leg area.
  • Mattress holders are available.

TEMPUR® Flex 500-Static

A non-adjustable Bed Base made with a light but durable construction to support your TEMPUR® mattress.

Available in:

  • 90x200 Rs.23,250 Incl. VAT
  • 100x200 Rs.26,500 Incl. VAT
  • 140x190 Rs.36,000 Incl. VAT

What makes the TEMPUR® Flex 500 system frame so good?

The TEMPUR® Flex Bed Base consists of flexible plates made with an open honeycomb structure for better ventilation. The combination of this bed base and a TEMPUR mattress ensures that the weight of your body is evenly distributed across the surface. This enables you to rest in the most comfortable sleeping.

****Tempur Flex 500: The flexible spring elements ensure that the spine is supported in an orthopedically correct position, working actively to prevent tension-related aches and pains. No inner frame, more stable than the adjustable frame.  Available on bed legs or as insert frame. Articulated air-flow surface made by TEMPUR – Innovative technological advancement

  • Targeted pressure relief
  • Orthopedic support of the spine over the entire surface
  • Individual firmness adjustability
  • Flexible elements adapt to body shape and movements
  • Perfect aeration – no mildew

TEMPUR® Flex 1000 Manual

The TEMPUR ® Flex 1000 - manual adjustment of head and foot sections possible (feet, as shown in the picture, are not included in the purchase price).

  • manual adjustment of head and foot sections possible
  • 11.5 cm installation height

Available in:

  • 90x200 Rs.31,300 Incl. VAT

What makes the TEMPUR® Flex 1000 system frame so good?

The TEMPUR® Flex 1000 is a manually adjustable system frame where you can bring the head and foot sections into your preferred bed position. The individual plate elements are divided into 4 zones to support the pressure relief:

  • Zone 1 for the head area
  • Zone 2 for the shoulder area
  • Zone 3 for the back
  • Zone 4 for the feet

In each zone, the spring elements have a different strength, which can be reinforced with lordosis inserts .


It's not one thing. It could be the unique pressure-relieving TEMPUR® Material, created from NASA technology. Or over 30 years of expertise in sleep and innovation after creating the world's first memory foam mattress and pillow.

It could simply be the magic of that TEMPUR® feeling when you lie down, helping you to find true, restful sleep. Truth is, it’s all of this and so much more…

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