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TEMPUR® Topper 7

Use a TEMPUR® Topper on the sleeping surface of any mattress in good condition to provide a deep extra layer of TEMPUR® comfort and give yourself a better night's sleep. The Topper 7 has a cosy removable cover washable at 60°C. Available in:

  • 90x200x7 Cm Rs.39,500 Incl. VAT
  • 160x200x7 Cm Rs.59,500 Incl. VAT
  • 180x200x7 Cm Rs.64,500 Incl. VAT

TEMPUR® Toppers can be placed on top of any mattress, in good condition, for added comfort and support throughout the night. Toppers are particularly ideal to increase the longevity of your mattress, so you can enjoy the core benefits of TEMPUR® for longer. Features a cover designed with a smooth double jersey side and a cosy velour side to suit the feeling you most prefer. The 7cm of TEMPUR® Material provides wonderful comfort and the cover can easily be removed for washing.


From the moment you lie down until you wake up TEMPUR® responds to your body.

TEMPUR® material is a high-density memory foam that adapts perfectly to your body's shape, weight and temperature for a complete night's sleep.

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Inside every TEMPUR® Mattress

Developed from NASA space technology, all our mattresses feature the authentic TEMPUR® Material that adapts to your body as you sleep, offering uncompromising comfort and support all night long.

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